I recently had 25 pieces on display at the Maude Kerns Art Center in Eugene, OR.

Instead of just labeling the show “New Work”, it seemed appropriate to find a theme with which I could encompass the various styles and genres that interest me and build a show around this. “Boats and Bathers” works perfectly. This theme is a favorite of mine, I’ve done countless sketches of boats, bathers and all things marine for more than 25 years.

This show was also a small nod to Maude Kerns, the namesake of the gallery.
Although her abstraction was generally more non-objective than mine, she liked to use various stylistic solutions in her abstract experiments. It keeps her work fresh. I think She would have appreciated the variety in this show in both the abstract and more literal pieces on display.

Artists have always been drawn to depicting all things marine, be it rivers, oceans or lakes. From the Greeks to the Moderns, every school and movement has been inspired by the images of boats and bathers and water.

Many pieces that were shown started with sketches of bathers and boats, done by the ocean or at one of the lakes or rivers nearby. The land and waterscapes depicted hare are mostly real -simplified to their essence and adjusted to make the composition work and still contain that germ of inspiration that nature alone provides. Likewise, many of the bather’s themselves were started at the model stand, drawn from real flesh.

I have endeavored to keep it all of a piece. As diverse as the pieces may appear there is a certain dialogue and camaraderie that tells a unique story of men, women, boats, ships and the full moon that sometimes illuminates their midnight journey.
Besides the 25 that were displayed, The “Boats and Bathers” section contains more pieces that were not shown.

Thanks for Looking!